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Michele Eiland

A Kansas native and married mother of 3, Michele began playing piano at age 6 and has been actively teaching private lessons for over 20 years.  Mrs. Eiland has served as accompanist to soloists and choirs at elementary, middle school, high school and collegiate levels. She is also a certified Master Theory Instructor from the Ultimate Music Theory School. She believes that music is an important aspect of learning in all areas, and can be a great way to inspire the next generation to learn and discover new ideas for all areas of education.

Michele understands and embraces the many different learning and teaching styles. Her in home studio offers a professional, yet warm, environment that not only invites students to learn but to be a part of her life. All students are embraced as individuals, and as an instructor, she feels her passion, along with music, is to learn about each students learning style and incorporate that into their lessons so that they can grow and flourish. With positive feedback and specialized methods, students can feel confident in a more self-paced, yet challenging music program.

Music Camps

Music camps are available during the summer for children with little or no musical background. These camps focus on:

  • Beginning music theory.
  • Create music with rhythms.
  • No musical background required.
  • 1 hour session – each day for one week.

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Enjoy seeing kids (and a Mom) learning rhythms like "the Cup Song".

Camp Registration

June 28 - July 2

Sessions available at 10am and 1pm

July 19-23

Sessions available at 10am and 1pm

Piano Lessons

Thirty minute private lessons are offered once a week to all students beginning at age 5. Lessons include but are not limited to:

  • Solo pieces
  • Practice of finger exercises
  • Clap and count rhythms
  • Playing musical games
  • 1 recital per semester

Options for flexible summer lessons are available. Spots are limited so inquire today on openings for you and your family.

At my youtube channel I share performances, games and teaching tips.


Ms Michele offers the perfect combination of accountability and grace to both students and parents. As a non-musical family the idea of learning piano was both exciting and intimidating, but with her high energy and personalized instruction, she has transformed it into something that is both manageable and rewarding.

Eiland Of Music Customer

We have been consistently impressed and thankful for Michele and her piano studio! She does an exceptional job of individualizing lessons based on each student and their learning style, music preferences, ability, etc. As parents, we appreciate how she is able to motivate her students to grow, practice, and excel. Michele shares the love of music with her students, while still focusing on technique, theory, and performance. Needless to say, we couldn’t be happier! 

Lauren McNeil

As a forty something adult, learning the piano has always been on my bucket list.  Two years ago I decided to take the plunge with Michele by my side!  She is incredibly knowledgeable and has been very patient in teaching me the piano. She has the ability to make me feel comfortable in my ability and is always challenging me to be better.  I like that she is a professional yet personable. I highly recommend Michele as she is a gem!  

Kerry Rodriguez, adult student 

Michele has done a fabulous job teaching our daughter piano.  She has tailored the music to our daughters interest, keeping it exciting while challenging her to develop new skills.  We highly recommend Eiland of Music!

Anita Koster, Homeschool Mom

Michele (Eiland of Music Piano Studio) gave me the encouragement and confidence I needed to trust that we all are capable of learning new things! I was unsure if I was capable of learning, of committing to the time and discipline of learning. She asked me what my own goals were- why did I desire to play? And reassured me that we are all called to grow. We don’t simply stop learning because we get to a certain age or time in our life. If we are still breathing, there is still time to learn or read or do something new! “Music is like a foreign language- but you can learn it!” What a difference that has made in my life!

Lisa Eisminger, Adult Student

Our daughter began piano less than 3 years ago, and as a non-musically inclined family we were all intimidated by the process. Ms Michele has provided a high energy learning environment full of encouragement and accountability that has made the whole experience manageable and rewarding. Our daughter’s progress has been incremental and consistent, with Ms Michele there to cheer her along each step of the way.  

Amanda Tippy 

Our daughter began piano 3 years ago and the progress and confidence that she has gained in that time is a continual encouragement. Ms Michele has provided clear communication of expectations balanced with grace throughout the experience and her authentic passion for her students to achieve success is clear during every encounter.

Eiland Of Music Customer

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June-28-July 2.

Camp Registration

$159. Includes all materials and water bottle per session.

July 19-23

Camp Registration

$159. Includes all materials and water bottle per session.

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